The Brides of March

The Brides of March $12.99

John Chapman

Published by Josef Weinberger

Large Mixed Cast
Tony Scudamore, who did his wartime service with the British Army in North Africa, has settled into a peacetime career with the Foreign Office

Tony displays almost a bit too much British reserve for his American wife, Sally, as does his older brother, Ken, on leave from his tea plantation in the tropics, and when Jack Krasner, a friend from the States, arrives unexpectedly she jumps at his invitation for an evening on the town in London

Tony and Ken are not won over so easily, particularly as the senior Scudamores (he's also in the Foreign Office) have suggested a family dinner for the evening

So the upshot is that Sally and her old beau go one way, while Tony and Ken go another

Nobody stops to think much about a certain letter which arrived that morning informing Tony that he has been remembered in the will of an Arab sheik whose life he saved during the war

By the end of the evening the fog is too thick for Sally to get home, but Tony and Ken make it, and so does Haroun El Bahn (the sheik's emissary) bearing Tony's legacy - five nubile, Arab maidens

Tony's first reaction is to send his "harem" back, but it seems that to refuse a dying sheik's bequest is a mortal offense

Tony's father also brings up the touchy point that the British government is now negotiating oil leases with the dead sheik's successor - and any dispute could lead to unhappy complications

This is the situation Sally walks into the next morning, and the misunderstandings which follow are hilarious

Successfully produced in England, this madcap comedy will be of equal delight to audiences on this side of the Atlantic

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