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The Big Funk - a Casual Play

3 Male, 2 Female

John Patrick Shanley Price: $9.99

A series of self-revelations opens the book of life on the characters, drawing their view of life. From here we watch them interact: Omar throws knives for a living and muses about the state of the world. His understanding wife, Fifi, suddenly pregnant with twins, acts as a rudder for him, and often for his friend, Austin, an out of work actor, who believes the world would be a better place if everyone would do something, even one small act of kindness. He follows his own advice when he comes upon Jill, a young woman sitting in a bar, covered with grease. Jill had been attracted to Gregory, but on their first date, he berates her and covers her with petroleum jelly. When Austin finds her, he must break through her distrust of strangers and persuade her to let him clean her as an act of mercy. THE BIG FUNK takes all sorts of changes in technique, drawing on classical theatre for its set, costumes and use of choral address while simultaneously mining absurdism for its bizarre, funny plot twists and Pirandellian shufflings of on-and-off-stage realities" - NY Times

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