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The Bible - The Complete Word of God - Abridged - BROADWAY PLAYS - REVISED

Adam Long & Reed Martin & Austin Tichenor Price: $15.95

This is the Revised edition (2013) ...

“In the beginning there was The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)

And it was good

And Shakespeare begat The Complete History of America (Abridged)

And that was good, too

And now America has begat (... begotten? ... begetted?) The Bible - The Complete Word of God (Abridged)

And I'm damned if it isn’t the funniest of the lot”
~ Bob Mondello, City Paper

This three-man show poses the theological question - Does God have a sense of humor?

They then prove that undoubtedly He has ...

Why else would He have left the Children of Israel to wander the Middle East for forty years and then give them the only bit of land with no oil on it?

" ... that apocalyptic roller-coaster of sex, violence, murder and miracles - the Bible - has been abridged but not even the most sombre, uptight Scientologist could take offense at this snappy, slick and utterly entertaining show" ~ Sunday Express, London

"In the Beginning," a god-like voice informs us, "there was Chaos"

But why stop there?

The disorder continues throughout the Middle and the End until the neat rows of audience have dissolved hysterically into the aisles

In spoofing the book they call "the greatest story ever accepted as fact", The Reduced Shakespeare Company combines shtick, wordplay, physical humor, sight gags, audience participation and jokes so old ... gleefully give in to the giggles and the guffaws and, indeed, the buffoonery is hard to resist" ~ Ron Weiskind, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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