The Bethlehem Star - An Infant Nativity - SCRIPT

The Bethlehem Star - An Infant Nativity - SCRIPT $19.99

Dave Corbett

Published by Musicline

Large Mixed Cast
The Story

Scene 1 : An office at The Bethlehem Star news papyrus

The Bethlehem Star is desperate for a scoop! The editor encourages his reporters to get out and find a story worth telling - not just a donkey or some figs or some slippery oil thieves

Scene 2 : A scoop missed

If only they knew! 'Babies are born all the time ... nothing special about yours'. What a bungle

Scene 3 : Keep your head down

The Roman soldiers are BIG, STRONG, ROUGH and SCARY ... But at least one has itchy, knitted underpants

Scene 4 : A real scoop

Although the reporter's quill is bent, there's quite a regal story here

Scene 5 : Scooperdooper

The shepherds don't have a story ... apart from ... what's this? Wow, wow and more wow ... Angels! Scooooop!

Scene 6 : Thee best inn in town

No, that's not a typo, it really is THEE best inn in town ... but it's full! Can guess what happens next ...

Key Features

This easy to stage Nativity for young children offers ...

31 speaking roles
Suits large cast with unlimited extras
Breaks down easily into composite parts for rehearsal purposes
Terrific humour which Infants both understand and carry off
Boys in particular love this musical
Show-stopping "Choir of Angels" song
Extensive Production Notes included in script
Beautifully constructed songs with clever repetition
Age range Key Stage 1 Production (47 years)
Duration 30 minutes

The Music

Click the Speaker and listen to a Sample of the Score ...

Extra, Extra!
Tired and Weary
Roman Soldiers
Sound Silly
Choir of Angels
The Best Inn
At the Manger

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