The Best Women's Stage Monologues 2016

The Best Women's Stage Monologues 2016 $14.99

Lawrence Harbison - Editor

Published by Smith & Kraus

0 Male 1 Female

These are the Best Monologues for Women from the 2015-2016 theatrical season, chosen by editor Lawrence Harbison and published in this essential volume by Smith & Kraus

The rich and varied monologues are mostly aimed at younger performers (teens through thirties), but there are also some excellent pieces for older women

Some are comic

Some are dramatic

Some are short

Some are long

But they all represent the best in contemporary monologues

Authors include:

Clare Barron, Johnna Adams, Elaine Romero, Christina Masciotti, Gary Richards, Peter Ullian, Jacqueline Goldfinger, Saviana Stanescu, Yussef El Guindi, Frank Winters, Sam Bobrick, Nicole Pandolfo, Audrey Cefaly, Lisa Bruna, William Missouri Downs, Mark Roberts, Melissa Ross, Marja-Lewis Ryan, Emily Schwend, Kenny Finkle, Sonia Sobieski, Max Baker, Daniel Guyton, Abby Rosebrock, Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich, Dominique Morisseau, Eleanor Burgess, Don Nigro, Ian August, Michael Ross Albert, Elaine Romero, Mark Dunn, Steve Shade, Libby Emmons, Deborah Zoe Laufer, Tom Cavanaugh, Joseph Krawczyk, Arlene Hutton, Richard Vetere, Maya MacDonald, Max Baker, John Pollono, Deborah Salem Smith, Monica Raymond, Lisa D'Amour, Robert O'Hara, Lizzie Vieh, Steven Dietz, Meghan Gambling, Scott Sickles, Vanessa Garcia, Joseph Wilde, Fengar Gael, Colman Domingo, Cassie Seinuk, Tanya Saracho, Maura Campbell, and Lucas Kavner

Lawrence Harbison was previously in charge of play acquisition for Samuel French, Inc for more than 30 years

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