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The Best Ten-Minute Plays 2017

Lawrence Harbison - Editor Price: $24.95

This great-value Volume offers you no fewer than fifty terrific ten-minute plays - all successfully produced during the 2016-2017 theatrical season

The 50 plays are written in a variety of styles ...

Some are realistic

Some are not

Some are comic

And some are dramatic

But they all offer fresh and exciting new material for amateur and professional alike

Plays for Two Actors:

Alexander and the Yellow Rotary Phone ~ Ablesser
Another Day ~ Arsenault
Asking for it ~ MacCallum
Blue Tent ~ DiIorio
Consipiracy of Love ~ Kaplan
Ditmas ~ Alterman
Dr. Darling ~ Hanson
The Faint Taste of Cat Food and Sour Milk ~ Ehrlich
Front from Juneau ~ Howes
Gothic ~ Campbell
Husbandry ~ Nigro
The Last Night ~ Kaplan
Mickey Cares ~ McCullough
No Love, Please ~ Smith
Once in a Blue Moon ~ Cotton
The Pain Inside ~ Jerome
Palooka ~ Barnett
Room 313 ~ Crim
Rules of Comedy ~ Cotter Sold! ~ Hoke
TA ~ Patterson
A Tale of Two in One ~ Bachleda
The Tango ~ Heilveil
You Again ~ Buckman

Plays for Three or More Actors:

Baby Gay ~ Mattingly
Bride of Godzilla ~ Racelis
Brine Shrimp Gangsters ~ Stubbles
Carla ~ Bobek
Catatonic ~ Roberts
Coffee Break ~ Solmon
Cram School, Snow Days ~ Hardy
The Cut of Memory ~ Strauss
Don't Bleed on Me ~ Rassler
Evolution ~ Floyd
First Day In Trade ~ O'Grady
I Don't Know ~ McLindon
I Just Love that Keith Urban ~ Frost
I'm Only Sleeping ~ Polak
Just Like Them ~ Widney
Just Say it Three Times ~ Moughon
Lament ~ Plaza
The Mime Crime ~ Yukich
Non-Refundable ~ Ehrlich
Our Ten ~ Levine
Pop Star ~ MacGregor
Speed Mating ~ Guaspari
Tight Curls Today ~ Barclay
Your Life Choices ~ Macdonald
Trudy, Carolyn, Martha, and Regina Travel to Outer Space and have a Pretty Terrible Time There ~ Kennedy

Also included is a comprehensive list of theatres which perform 10-minute plays

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