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The Best Ten-Minute Plays 2013

Lawrence Harbison - editor Price: $24.95


Fifty 10-Minute Plays selected from the 2012-2013 theatrical season by Lawrence Harbison who was in charge of play acquisition for Samuel French, Inc for more than 30 years

The 50 Ten-minute plays in this bargain Volume are divided into two primary sections ...

Plays for Two Actors

Absent Grace ~ Claudia Barnett
Animal/Animal ~ Libby Emmons
Anniversary Season ~ Jenny Lyn Bader
Aposiopesis ~ John McEneny
Black Coffee ~ Deanna Alisa Ableser
Customer Service ~ Philip Hall
Draw a Lion ~ Dan O'Neill
Fair Shake ~ Jeffrey Gold
Give and Take ~ Bara Swain
Green Sound ~ John Patrick Bray
In Memory of Calvinball ~ Erin Moughon
Intentional Deception ~ Greg Freier
Lack of Moisture ~ Debbie Lamedman
Magic 8 Ball ~ Kimberly Pau
The Memory Box ~ Chris Shaw Swanson
Minutiae ~ Barry Eitel
Missed Connections ~ Marj O'Neill Butler
The Ninth Circus of Hell ~ C.J. Ehrlich
Numbers ~ Gregg Kreutz
Perspective ~ James McLindon
Reinventing the Wheel ~ Megan Lohne
She's Bound to Know ~ Michael Weems
This Flight Tonight ~ Wendy MacLeod
Unintelligent Life ~ John McKinney
Your Kiss is on My List ~ Christopher Lockheardt

Plays for Three or More Actors

All My Problems ~ Laurie Graff
Battle Tactics ~ Andy Haynes
Black and White ~ Donna Hoke
The Date ~ Mike Salomon
Captain Rockets Versus the Intergalactic Brain-Eaters ~ Don Nigro
The Corporate Ladder ~ Lisa Soland
Erosion ~ Scott McCrea
He's Really a Good Guy ~ Rory Leahy
Hurt ~ Saviana Stanescu
Mendacity of The Hear of Elephants in the Room ~ Carlos Murillo
Museum Place @2 ~ William Fowkes
Organic Seed ~ Patrick Gabridge
Pass Go: A Monopoly Play ~ Brian James Polak
Pocket Universe ~ Duncan Pflaster
The Promise ~ Jeffrey Strausser
Rat-Tat-Tat ~ David Guaspari
The Slasher's Lament ~ Michael Puzzo
A Small Fishing Nation Wedged Between Estonia and Latvia ~ Andrew Black
Standing Room Only ~ Aren Haun
Switzerland ~ Mayank Keshaviah
True Enough ~ Sonya Sobieski
Twenty-Three Hundred ~ Mark Rigney
What are You Going to Be? ~ Steven Korbar
Where were You When I Was Coming? ~ C.S. Hanson
Zombie Love ~ Earl T. Roske

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