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The Best Ten-Minute Plays 2012

Lawrence Harbison - Editor Price: $24.95

Fifty terrific new ten-minute plays, all successfully produced during the 2011-2012 theatrical season, chosen by Smith & Kraus editor Lawrence Harbison

They're written in a variety of styles - some realistic, some not, some comic, some dramatic

And some off-the-wall ...

... the ten-minute form lends itself well to experimentation in style

Also included (for the first time) is a comprehensive list of theaters which produce ten-minute plays

Plays for Two Actors

Bedtime Story (Christopher Lockheardt)
Beyond A Reasonable Doubt (Bara Swain)
A Couple of Metal Gods Sitting Around Talking (Trace Crawford)
Dos Corazones (Richard Helleson)
Extracurricular (Frank Tangredi)
The Four Sense of Love (Arthur Jolly)
Green Dating (Chantal Bilodaqu)
Hate the Loser Inside (Jon Kern)
Iceberg to Nowhere (Samantha Macher)
I Had Fun But Drank Too Much (Craig McNulty)
Italy (Steven Schutzman)
Jinxed (K. Alexa Mavromatis)
Just Us (Jon Spano)
The Kids Menu (Richard Vetere)
Lines (Tony Glazer)
Looking (Charles Evered)
Minimalistic Men (Spencer Davis)
Okoboji (Suzanne Bradbeer)
People Don't Change (They Just Change Their Hair) (Bekah Brunstetter)
The Rollercoaster of Love (Joe Musso)
Second Tier (Glenn Alterman)
Skull (Less Three and Twenty)(Jason Gray Platt)
Stalk Me Baby (C.S. Hanson)

Plays for Three or More Actors

Amuse-Bouche (Michael Clark)
Angels (Lisa Ebersole)
Body Farm (Laurel Haines)
Camera Four (Cheri Magid)
Carol (Ron Riekki)
The Closet (Aoise Stratford)
Clown Therapy (Nina Mansfield)
Credit Check (Eddie Zipperer)
Duo (Tom Moran)
Eleanor's Passing (John Patrick Bray)
A Lesson (David Johnston)
Men and Parts (John Morogiello)
The Metaphor (Matthew Freeman)
Midsummer (Don Nigro)
Migratory Birds of Iraq (Mark Rigney)
Misfortune (Mark Harvey Levine)
Mythajawba (Claudia Haas)
Night of the Living Relatives (Judy Klass) Oppression and Pearls (Jenny Lyn Bader)
Pascal and Martin (Jan Buttram)
Polar Bear Swim (Marisa Smith)
Purgatory (Heidi Armbruster)
Serverfriends (Jason Chimonides)
Storms, Sheets and Show Tunes (Stacey Lane)
That Thing You Do with Your Tongue (R.D. Murphy)
There's No Here Here (Craig Pospisil)
A Walk in the Park (Aren Haun)

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