The Best Plays from the Strawberry One-Act Festival

The Best Plays from the Strawberry One-Act Festival $15.99

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van Dirk Fisher - ed

Published by iUniverse

"Goodnight Lovin' Trail" - At a truck stop diner in West Texas, two wounded strangers find redemption in each other's eyes while discussing a stolen guitar. And the beat plays on.

"Negotiating The Elusive Perfect One Night Stand" - In a world of settling for Mister Right Now while looking for Mister Right, a young couple find that they may have gotten more than they bargained for.

"Destinations" - What if you're married and the opportunity arises for you to have a causal affair, is it worth the consequences? Some people want to go there, but can they find their way back?

"Who Knew?" - A young man prepares to meet his mother for the first time but doesn't realize how deeply the meeting will affect his fiancé .

"The Harlequin Maneuver" - A delightful comedy in which a man enters the romance novel he's been reading to gain some closure in his love life.

"The Decision" - A man makes a decision after he receives the surprise of his life, which he reveals to his wife that brings a different outlook to their relationship.

"The Spirit Of Roberta" - They say in life you only pass this way but once and when you're gone you hope that you have touched someone in a positive way. Rose remembers her sister fondly.

"Tricks" - A married man eating his lunch in the park decides he wants a taste of some forbidden fruit.

"Measure My Measure" - A modern day Shakespearean vignette. A young pretty man by the name of Peter is visited by an older bearish man by the name of Johnson, to tell him that King George of Bush is detaining his liberal brother. Johnson tries to convince Peter to relinquish his Bush ordained celibacy to spare his brother's life, but to do so could lead to their demise.What's a young man to do?

"You're Never Gone" - A mother and daughter share a bond years after losing a loved one.

"Between You And Me" - A story of love and sanity on

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