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The Best Men’s Stage Monologues 2018

1 Male, 0 Female

Lawrence Harbison Price: $16.95

A rich and varied selection of monologues for men, most of which are from plays which were produced and/or published in the 2017-2018 theatrical season

Many are for younger performers (teens through 30s) but there are some excellent pieces for older men as well

The age of the character is indicated in each monologue, but you will find that many may be done by actors of different ages

Some are comic, some dramatic

Some are rather short

Some rather long

But they all represent the best in contemporary playwriting

Auhors include:

Chelsea Marcantel, Stephen Cittrich, Caridad Svich, Greg Kallares, Jacqueline Goldfinger, Don Nigro, Dominique Morisseau, Gary Richards, Steven Haworth, Barret O Brien, Joseph Krawczyk, Sandra Daley-Sharif, Steve Koppman, Molly Smith Metzler, Erik Christian Hanson, Aaron Posner, Deborah Savadge, Penny Jackson, Neal Reynolds, Tanya Saracho, Andre Biss, Brian Park, Richard Nelson, Michael Bradford, Kermit Frazier, Rhea MacCallum, John Patrick Bray, Anthony Clarvoe, Cary Gitter, Vincent Amelio, Susan Cinoman, Susan Eve Haar, Guillermo Calderon, Molly Kirschner, Leslye Headland, David Eliet, C.S. Hanson, Irene Kapustina, James Hindman, Patricia Cotter, Ross Howard, Cayenne Douglass, Anderson Cook, Lisa Grisson, Lauren Ferebee, Michael Tooher, Christina Masciotti, Karen JP Howes, Joshua James, Sam Graber, Brian Letscher, Arlitia Jones, Dan Aibel, Paola Lazaro, Daniel Guyton, Isla van Tircht, A.J. Ciccotelli, Lynn Rosen, Trish Harnetiaux, Deb Margolin, and Hamish Linklater

The Best Womenís Stage Monologues 2018

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