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The Battle of Britain - Their Finest Hour - ASSEMBLY PACK

Large Mixed Cast

Anthony James & Dan Hewitt Price: $24.95

This ASSEMBLY PACK is a shortened 10-15 minute version of the parent title



CD with both backing music and rehearsal tracks so that even a non-music teacher can rehearse the children

A Piano Libretto music Score

A reduced Art Pack for the costumes

A simple Fact sheet giving the real historical facts

In fact a mini version of the parent show with three songs

The Story

Two young schoolchildren return home with homework to do on the Battle of Britain. Their Granddad then tells them a story of two young men, Dizzy and Fred, who decide to join the R.A.F. and two young girls who join the W.A.A.F

The four young people learn of the importance of Radar, the fear of air raids and the fight against the Luftwaffe before they are caught up in the momentous Battle of Britain itself

Battle of Britain is a fictional story based on the World War Two aerial conflict prior to the cancelled German invasion of Great Britain during the summer of 1940. The musical includes insights into the workings of the Royal Airforce, its pilots and ground crews, and probably one of the most famous fighter planes of all time, The Spitfire

Created specifically for children this lively and educational look at a battle that radically changed the course of World War Two, accompanied by an epic score of memorable and catchy songs you will find hard to forget

Royalty free if you don't charge the audience

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