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The Balkan Women

2 Male, 3 Female

Jules Tasca Price: $9.99

Winner! 1997/98 Barrymore Award for Best New Play

This meditation on the horror of war set in 1990 brings the spirit of Euripides to a Serbian detention camp for Muslim women

Men are pitted against women, Christians against Muslims, and Croats against Serbs in a drama that bares the inner conflicts that result when society is governed by illogical ethnic hatreds

A hard boiled, devoutly Christian guard is torn by conflicting inner voices as he interrogates a prisoner and her mother about an explosion that killed sixteen of his soldiers

The arrival of a new, wounded camp commandant triggers murder and inevitable catastrophes reminiscent of ancient tragedy


"Theatrically bold and politically moving ... The dialogue has an odd and effective stateliness, as though we're listening to a translation of an ancient work" ~ Variety

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