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+ The Balcony Scene

2 Male, 1 Female

Wil Calhoun Price: $7.50

++ 25% DISCOUNT ++

Alvin has had it

He sees civilization crumbling around him and wants no part of it

The only place he feels safe is inside his Chicago high rise apartment,

So that's where he stays until Karen moves in next door

Karen is a die hard optimist with a high pressure job

And a relentless ex boyfriend who won't take no for an answer

Alvin and Karen meet on their adjoining balconies and form a friendship that sets their two worlds on a collision course

A charming romantic comedy


"A sunny salute to romance" ~ L.A. Times

"Instantly engaging.... Wonderfully appealing" ~ Drama Logue

"Artful and unfashionably heartwarming.... A dog day tonic, breezy and citrus sweet" ~ N.Y. Newsday

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