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The Angry Brigade

2 Male, 2 Female

James Graham Price: $14.95

"This government has declared a vicious class war. A one-sided war . . . We have started to fight back . . . with bombs"

Against a backdrop of Tory cuts, high unemployment and the deregulated economy of 1970s Britain, a young urban guerrilla group mobilises ...

The Angry Brigade

Their targets are MPs, embassies, police and pageant queens

A world of order is shattered by anarchy and the rules have changed

An uprising has begun

And no one is exempt

As a special police squad hunt the home-grown terrorists whose identities shocked the nation, James Graham's heart-stopping thriller lures us into a frenzied world that looks much like our own


“James Graham's gimlet-eyed play gives both sides of 70s anarchism and shows there's still plenty to get angry about” ~ Guardian

“With the Angry Brigade members venting their view of injustice to vindicate their anarchic agenda, playwright James Graham gives an eloquent ... insight into their mindset ... provides real insight into why people might turn to violence” ~ The Stage

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