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The Ancient Olympics - The Olympic Traditions - ASSEMBLY PACK

Large Mixed Cast

Daniel Dalton & Tim Spencer Price: $24.95

This ASSEMBLY PACK is a shortened 10-15 minute version of the parent title



CD with both backing music and rehearsal tracks so that even a non-music teacher can rehearse the children

A Piano Libretto music Score

A reduced Art Pack for the costumes

A simple Fact sheet giving the real historical facts

In fact a mini version of the parent show with three songs


Only men were allowed to compete in the Ancient Olympics in Greece. Girls and unmarried women could attend, but not married women. However one married woman, Callipateira, wanted to go to the Olympic Games so she could help her son to become an Olympic champion. She put on a false beard and went to the games

This is the story of Callipateira and her adventures at the Ancient Olympics. On the way we discover the traditions of the games, such as the Olympic Torch and the Olympic Truce

These traditions continue to this day and are the embodiment of the spirit of the modern Olympic movement

The Ancient Olympics is a fictional story based around Pausanias' original story of Callipateira, in his book "Pausanias: Description of Greece" written around 150 AD and translated by W. H. Jones of Harvard University in 1918, which gives the explanation of the origins of both the Olympic Torch and the Olympic Truce

Royalty free if you don't charge the audience

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