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The Amorous Ambassador

4 Male, 4 Female

Michael Parker Price: $10.95

When Harry Douglas, the new American Ambassador to Great Britain, tells his family he is going to Scotland to play golf, his wife and daughter announce weekend plans of their own

Their newly hired butler, Perkins, watches stoically as each leaves and secretly returns for a romantic rendezvous in the empty house

Harry's secretary and Captain South of Marine Corps Embassy Security then arrive in the wake of a bomb threat and the embassy is sealed off, with hilarious results

Even the imperturbable Perkins is drawn into the shenanigans


"Hilarious....Will keep you in constant laughter" ~ Corpus Christi Caller Times

"The funniest two hours of stage comedy in recent memory" ~ Midland Reporter Telegram

"The energy builds ... and the audience is left roaring" ~ Delray Times

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