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The American Dream

2 Male, 3 Female

Edward Albee Price: $12.99

Mommy and Daddy sit in a barren living room making small talk

Mommy, the domineering wife, is grappling with the thought of putting Grandma in a nursing home

Daddy, the long-suffering husband, could not care less

Grandma appears, lugging boxes of belongings, which she stacks by the door

Mommy and Daddy can't imagine what's in those boxes, but Grandma is well aware of Mommy's possible intentions

Mrs. Barker, the chairman of the women's club, arrives, not knowing why she is there

Is she there to take Grandma away?

Apparently not

All becomes evident when Grandma reveals to Mrs. Barker the story of the botched adoption of a "bumble of joy" twenty years ago by Mommy and Daddy

Then a Young Man enters

He's muscular, well-spoken, the answer to Mommy and Daddy's prayers - The American Dream

But can Grandma convince him to assist in her master plan?

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