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+ The Actor’s Workbook + Video - A Practical Guide to Training, Rehearsing and Devising

Alex Clifton Price: $22.50

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An essential workbook for actors, actors in training and teachers of acting and drama

The Workbook and Video provide a clear, step-by-step guide to learning techniques in acting

The Workbook presents a system of exercises which will develop core acting skills, offering techniques for developing an authored role and models for devising new work

These techniques are based on the practices of Konstantin Stanislavski and his recent theatrical descendants including Uta Hagen, Sanford Meisner, Michael Chekhov and others

The exercises in the Workbook are outlined in a student-centred approach, offering not only in-class exercises, but also pre-class exercises, educational frameworks, teaching-tips, suggested texts through which to apply the work, follow-up exercises and suggestions for further reading in each chapter

Enabling and guiding the actor's sustainable, communicable, believable transformation into an imagined reality, this Workbook is filled with powerful and precise acting tools, each underpinned by a rigorous and well-explained philosophy of practice

The Actor's Workbook includes URL Video links of the author teaching the exercises, with professional actors demonstrating the techniques to be learned


A beginning


Chapter One - Release
Chapter Two - Imagine
Chapter Three - Listen
Chapter Four - Pulse
Chapter Five - Impulse

PART TWO: Inhabit

Chapter One - Mapping a world
Chapter Two - Mapping a role
Chapter Three - Rehearsing a role


Chapter One - Deconstruct
Chapter Two - Construct

An ending

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