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The Actor’s Field Guide - Acting Notes on the Run

Ed Hooks Price: $18.95

Written by a veteran actor and teacher, this presents comprehensive acting technique and inspiration in a unique format ...

Each chapter begins with a brief introduction to a major area of the actor's craft, followed by dozens of "field notes", which offer quick solutions to acting problems

These field notes are written to be read and understood out of contect, so if sitting in a waiting room before an audition or your dressing room before a performance, you can quickly find the info you need at that moment, such as ...

  • How to make a strong first impression at an audition
  • What to do if you make a mistake during a performance
  • The best method for memorising lines
  • How to play a convincing drunk
  • Whether you should ever call in sick
  • How to inject humor into a comic scene that doesn't seem very funny

    An indispensible, pocket-sized resource

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