The Actor's Business Plan - A Career Guide for the Acting Life

The Actor's Business Plan - A Career Guide for the Acting Life $21.99

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Jane Drake Brody

Published by Methuen

This is aimed at both actors graduating from formal training programs and those already in the business whose careers need more momentum

It answers the common complaint by students that they're not taught how to negotiate the business of show

Using the familiar language of acting training, the Guide offers a method for the achievement of dreams through a five-year life and career plan, giving positive steps to develop a happy life as an actor and as a person

It assists performers to flourish using the same kind of business/career planning that is a necessary part of life for all entrepreneurs and business people

It provides essential knowledge not only of how show business actually works, but also describes what casting directors, agents, and managers actually do

And it demystifies the role of unions, discusses how much things cost, and offers advice on branding and marketing strategies

It differs from other such handbooks in that it addresses the everyday issues of life, money, and jobs that so frequently destroy an actor's career before it even begins

While it primarily addresses NYC and LA, the Guide also gives a regional breakdown for those actors who may wish to begin careers or to settle in other cities

And it's loaded with personal stories, and interviews with actors, casting directors, and agents

Offering support as a personal career coach, it empowers the actor to take concrete steps towards their life and career dreams




Chapter 1: Dreams for Your Life Play

Chapter 2: Given Circumstances of Your Life Play: Obstacles

Chapter 3: Your Life Play's Five Year Plan: Objectives, Events, Tactics, Beats, and Tasks

Chapter 4: Making Your Five Act Life Plan Happen

Chapter 5: Handling the Obstacles in your Life Play

Chapter 6: Access to the Fulfillment of your Life Plan

Chapter 7: The Cast of your Life Play: Casting Directors, Agents, and Managers; Who They Are and What They Do

Chapter 8: Building a Character: Type versus Brand

Chapter 9: Doing Your Life's Play, Action!

Chapter 10: Your Life Play's Experience: Resumes

Chapter 11: The Album of Your Life Play: Pictures, Reels, and Websites

Chapter 12: Learning Your Lines and Showing up for Your Life Play: Auditions

Chapter 13: The Location of Your Life Play: Markets

Appendix: Resources and Recommended Reading


" ... an extremely practical and helpful guide for the young actor embarking on a professional acting career . . . I wish such a book existed when I was graduating" Lucien Douglas, Head of Acting, University of Texas, Austin

" ... a smart approach, and one that I think will make the information very accessible to young professionals in the industry" ~ Melia Bensussen, Chair, Performing Arts Department, Emerson College, Boston

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