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The Actor and the Camera

Malcolm Taylor Price: $22.95

Acting for television and film requires significantly different skills than acting in the theatre. In this book Malcolm Taylor talks the actor through the filming process and builds a picture of how a programme is rehearsed, filmed and edited. The author starts by defining the roles of both the agent and the casting director in the actor's life

He describes the variety of work available: corporate films, commercials, feature films, soap operas and situation comedies. Filming terminology is explained, such as 'in the can', 'crossed the line' and 'rehearsing on tape'

In addition there are interviews with David Jason, Ralph Jago (Principal of the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art), Roger Carey (agent), Gill Titchmarsh (casting director), Leonard Lewis ('Eastenders' producer) and Lindsay Anderson

The book also includes 15 humorous cartoons by Frank Dickens

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