The Irish Curse


Martin Casella

Published by Samuel French Inc

5 Male 0 Female

What "The Irish Curse" is and how it manifests itself is the raw centerpiece of this wicked, rollicking and very funny play

From its blistering language to its brutally honest look at sex and body image, it's a revealing portrait of how men, and society, define masculinity

In doing so, it dares to pose the fundamental question that has been on the minds of men since the beginning of time - "Do I measure up to the next guy?"

Size matters to a small group of Irish-American men (all professionally successful New Yorkers) who meet every Wednesday night, in a Catholic church basement, at a self-help group for men with small penises

This alleged Irish trait is the focus of their weekly sessions, as they all feel this "shortcoming" has ruined their lives

One evening, when a twenty-something blue-collar guy joins the group, he challenges everything the other men think about "the Irish Curse" ...

... tackling their obsession with body image and unmasking the comical and truthful questions of identity, masculinity, sex and relationships that men must face every day in the world

"Casella is at his best when he's going for laughs. He gets a lot of them" ~ The New York Times

"Critics Pick! Colorful character-driven comedy" ~ Time Out New York

"The Irish Curse is a very human and even humane play. You will find yourself rooting for these esteem-building sessions to succeed." Michael Kuchwara, Associated Press

Characters ...

RICK BALDWIN Early twenties. A smart, optimist, fun-loving Staten Island stud who's studying sports medicine at a local New York college. Rick's the kind of guy who paints his face green, drinks a lot and hangs with his buds on St. Patrick's Day

JOSEPH FLAHERTY Forties. On the short side, stout and balding. Born in Savannah, Georgia, he's now an angry, liberal contracts lawyer who lives on the "way Upper West Side." His wife recently walked out, leaving him with two young daughters

STEPHEN FITZGERALD Late thirties. Tall, handsome gay cop from the Bronx. He's a moody, dark, taciturn smartass. Lives with his father, who's also a cop. Stephen never ever ever sees the glass as half full, although he would probably like to

KEVIN SHAUNESSY Late forties/early fi fties. A Catholic priest, originally from Boston. He's the principal of a parochial school in Brooklyn Heights which donates rooms to various support groups. A sweet, caring guy with acting aspirations. Actually looks like he could play a priest on TV

KEIRAN RILEY Late twenties. Nice-looking, middle class guy from Queens who works at a roofing company. Keiran is exuberant, very nervous and very sincere. He's also really Irish and someone you'd want to be your best friend


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