Ten 10-Minute Scenes for Teens

Ten 10-Minute Scenes for Teens $9.99

Jennifer Kirkeby

Published by Dramatic Publishing

4 Male 4 Female

Characters laugh, cry, fume, love, hate, plead and question life and death, good and bad in this collection of plays woven with humor and heart ...

The Comedies

Prom Royalty (M2,F2) - What begins as a wonderful parade ride for high-school royalty dissolves into a hilarious disaster

Ghost Trackers (M2,F3) - Four high-school students visit a haunted house in the hopes of catching paranormal activity for a school project

Subtext (M2,F2) - Boy and Girl are on a first date. Their inner thoughts (Sub and Text) follow them around saying what Boy and Girl are really thinking

The Elevator (M3,F4) - A girl tries to overcome her fear of elevators by riding one for the first time in public

Time Warp (M2,F2) - A present-day teenage boy and a fairy tale princess discover that their lives have magically intersected

The Dramas

Barbie Girl (F2) - A girl surrounds herself with Barbie dolls in her attempt to hide a painful secret

Danny (F3) - Three sisters visit their brother, Danny's, gravesite on the one-year anniversary of his death

I'll Be Seeing You (M2 or F2) - Two friends are reunited briefly a week after one of them committed suicide

Late (F2) - Alison meets with her longtime girlfriend, Ryan, at a park and eventually shares the fact that she might be pregnant

Principal - (M2,F3 + 2 either) - Two parents have been summoned to bring their kids to the principal's office without knowing why

NOTE: Flexible staging - runs about 2 hours - may be performed individually or in any combination as an evening of short plays

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