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Teenage Dick

2 Male, 4 Female

Mike Lew Price: $9.99

In this brilliant retelling of Shakespeare’s Richard III, one of the most famous disabled characters in history is re-imagined as a 16-year-old outsider taking on the political turmoil of high school

Bullied for his cerebral palsy (and his sometimes disturbing tendency to speak with a Shakespearean affect), Richard plots his revenge …

A ruthless and glorious path to the senior class presidency

But as he falls deeper into a pattern of manipulation and greed, Richard is faced with an unexpected choice

Is it better to be feared or loved?

Teenage Dick is an hilarious and sharp-witted adaptation about perception, disability, and the treacherous road to ascendancy


“… moving, exciting and profoundly eye-opening” ~ NY Times

“ ... genuinely entertaining and edifying … brilliantly dramatized" ~

“[Lew] has constructed — well and tightly constructed — a thoroughly engrossing and entertaining play that zips through humor and pathos, building inexorably to its climax. It echoes the Shakespearian [sic] plot without simply aping it, and it’s filled with humor, Richard-referential and otherwise” ~

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