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Teaching Playwriting - Creativity in Practice

Paul Gardiner Price: $32.95

Playwriting is a skill under-explored in the classroom, despite the strong evidence that it's an engaging and rewarding activity for young people

Teaching Playwriting addresses this gap and is an essential resource for teachers wanting to gain the skills and confidence necessary to introduce playwriting to their students

Based on rich research and clearly explained theoretical concepts, the book explores the lessons from creativity theory that will provide the teacher with the skills and knowledge necessary to empower students' writing and creativity

It also includes extensive practical activities and writing exercises to develop students' playwriting proficiency and creative capacity

Discussing key concepts in playwriting such as idea, dialogue, character, action and structure, the book enables teachers to respond to the unique learning needs of their students and help them tell their stories and reach their potential as young playwrights


Part 1: Why Playwriting? The benefits of teaching playwriting with students

Chapter 1: Why teach playwriting?

Chapter 2: The spectrum of ideas: knowledge to aid creativity

Part 2: How playwriting works - the teaching approach

Chapter 3: A playwright's wheel

Chapter 4: Teaching the idea

Chapter 5: Writing dialogue

Chapter 6: Generating action

Chapter 7: Creating character

Chapter 8: Story structure

Chapter 9: The poetic

Chapter 10: Page to stage

Chapter 11: Conclusion

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