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Taking Breath

4 Male, 6 Female

Sarah Daniels Price: $12.99

Elliot, a young eco-warrior, has fallen from a tree-top during a protest and now lies comatose in a hospital bed

When he fell, he slipped into the past, meeting Lucy, a troubled servant-girl and suffragette from 1913

Elliot saves Lucyís life and, by doing so, is pushed back to consciousness, but he continues to call out, in anguish, for Lucy

Alana, excluded from school for selling drugs, passionately follows all Elliotís TV news coverage and, by strange coincidence, it becomes evident that it was Alanaís great-grandmother that Elliot had saved

She is able to assist Elliotís recovery as well as using the past to find peace for herself

Period - 1913 and present day

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