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1 Male, 1 Female

Joanna Murray-Smith Price: $9.99

A gripping two-hander ...

Somewhere in the Swiss Alps, grande dame of crime literature Patricia Highsmith lives with an impressive collection of books

And a sinister collection of guns and knives

She finds solace in her solitude, her cats, and cigarettes

But when a mysterious international visitor arrives at her perfectly secluded home, her love of fictional murders becomes a dangerous reality


“Writers of crime fiction are rarely as brutal or twisted as the characters they create. But meet Patricia Highsmith - by general agreement a foul-mouthed misanthrope who spent decades detailing the psychotic narcissism lurking in humanity’s dark heart …” ~ Variety

“ ... an act of homage by way of larceny, appropriating Highsmith the real person as a fictional character in one of her own queasy dramas. The play hinges on an irresistible conceit … Murray-Smith has great fun emulating Highsmith’s terse, caustic register… " ~ The Hollywood Reporter

Switzerland explores what it’s like to be a woman writer in a man’s literary kingdom … Murray-Smith’s dialogue sparkles with witty one-liners” ~ Time Out (Sydney)

“Murray-Smith’s work has never been darker or more compelling … It’s impossible to know what Highsmith herself would have made of the play. But it’s not hard to imagine her delighting in its intelligence, humour, darkness and gentle unravelling. It’s a truly great play” ~ Daily Review (Australia)


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