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Swan Song

2 Male, 4 Female

Norman Robbins Price: $12.99

Long retired from the operatic stage, the famous soprano, Tryphosa Swan, is still a force to be reckoned with

Impulsive, imperious, and incredibly rich, she has only one regret in life - abandoned as a baby, she has never known who her real mother was

An unexpected clue prompts her to confide in her only close friend, Marianne, who advises her to let sleeping dogs lie

But Tryphosa has never taken advice and hires a genealogist - with unexpected results

Her uneasy relationship with her two daughters deteriorates

And when, in an act of pique, she decides to change her will yet again, the grim spectre of Death appears

And the killing doesn't stop

A gripping thriller from Norman Robbins at the top of his fiendish form


ARIANNE - late 70s

TRYPHOSA - early 70s

AMY - late 40s

CARLA - late 40s

FRANK - late 40s

ANDREW - 20+

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