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Surviving Actors Manual

Felicity Jackson & Lianne Robertson Price: $12.99

The essential, one-stop handbook for actors, with everything you need to know to survive and thrive ...

Being an actor is a vocation, but itís also a real-life job

Talent, determination and passion are vital, but will only get you so far

In addition to developing the craft of acting, actors have to remember that it is a career, and so the business side needs to be taken just as seriously

This manual covers all the day-to-day essentials you need to succeed in the industry

Specialist sections cover ...

★ Establishing your personal brand and business plan

★ Getting great headshots, showreels, voicereels and a website

★ Dealing with agents, casting directors and auditions

★ Developing your networking skills

★ And managing your money

Honest and straightforward, the Surviving Actors Manual will help you unlock your potential and focus on being the best, the most employable and the most successful actor you can be

Compiled by the team behind the internationally successful Surviving Actors conventions, it draws on a wide range of other experienced professionals

Designed by insiders, it will help you develop and sustain your career and empower you to create your own opportunities

It could also make great gift for the thespian in your life ...

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