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Straight and Narrow

4 Male, 3 Female

Jimmie Chinn Price: $12.99

In this West End hit sex comedy the central couple is Bob and Jeff

Jeff is considering leaving Bob and for a woman so he can become a father

Meanwhile Bob contends with a meddling family that is ignorant of his living situation

His mother, a domineering comic creation, complicates matters by pressing Bob to get married

She refuses to recognize that there is anything about her son which might upset her conventional sensibilities

The happy ending finds Bob and Jeff together and mother having come to terms with the truth


"Funny and touching" ~ Mail on Sunday

"Entertaining and cunningly observed" ~ Sunday Express

"Manages to hit the funny bone without straining desperately for effect.... mixing a lot of good jokes with a warm and sympathetic humanity" ~ Daily Telegraph

"Shot through with the most bounteous comic invention and with moments so intensely moving they should make grown men cry. Not in many an evening have I laughed so much or come away with food for so much serious thought" ~ Daily Mail

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