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1 Male, 6 Female

Nell Dunn Price: $16.95

Steaming is set in the 'Turkish Room' of a run-down Public Baths in the East End of London, where five women regularly meet, to bathe, relax and share their troubles

"a lovely play, suffused with affection" ~ Ned Chaillet, The Times

"...shot through with extravagant and caustic wit” ~ Rosalind Carne, Financial Times

"full of lively, ribald humour" ~ Christopher Hudson, New Standard

“...very endearing. Nell Dunn has a great ear for the way women talk, dipping from one subject to another in apparent non-sequiturs, as easily as they slip from the steam into the cold water. Her script is funny and affectionate, and the characters, if slender, are warmly drawn” ~ Sarah Hemming, Financial Times

“The great strength of Dunn’s play is that it is like a girl’s night out without the hangover” ~ Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

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