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Stanton’s Garage

4 Male, 4 Female

Joan Ackermann Price: $9.99

In a ramshackle garage miles from anywhere two cars, both of which were en route to a wedding, await repairs. One is Ron's, the ex husband of the bride to be, a man who missed his divorce and certainly doesn't want to miss his wife's wedding

A bridesmaid who is engaged to the best man owns the other, a Volvo. She has her intended's teenage daughter with her. They miss the wedding because the shop's mechanic has never seen a Volvo, much less worked on one

Ron finally does get off to the wedding, lugging a case of anti freeze as a wedding gift. He staggers back later to warn the Volvo driver that her husband to be is a world class jerk. Meanwhile, the teenager flls in love with with the amorous store gofer

"Deftly written ... [with] juicy roles" ~ Variety

"A delightful contemporary comedy with crisp dialogue and fast flying comic zingers" ~ Denver Post

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