Staging an Interactive Mystery Play

Staging an Interactive Mystery Play $23.99, $21.59 (10% off)

Justine Jones & Mary Ann Kelley

Published by Meriwether Publishing

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Wouldn't it be fun to write and produce your own interactive murder mystery?

Subtitled A Six-Week Program for Developing Theatre Skills, this hands-on Guide takes you step-by-step through the entire process

Playwriting can be a uniquely valuable collective creative process and this text shows you how to get the creative juices going

Emphasis is put on developing the improvisational skills needed to be a successful suspect

It guides you through character creation, plot development, planting clues, and writing dialogue

It also includes suggestions for locations, plots and weapons

And even various ways to die!

Included are the Synopses of five murder mystery plays to help you learn from others who have already gone through the process

The book concludes with the actual production, providing useful checklists for the director and explaining how to achieve maximum audience participation

Staging an Interactive Mystery Play is of particular value to teachers of Middle school students

Like the author's previous book Drama Games and Improvs, this guide helps teach drama skills holistically

Imaginative and uninhibited, students love puzzles and are particularly intrigued by murder mysteries

Staging an Interactive Mystery Play builds on this and involves the whole class in the process of creating their own mystery plays

It includes everything a director needs to teach the basic dramatic skills ...

In weeks One and Two of the six-week, step-by-step program students brainstorm ideas, refine the theme; and create the characters, plots, means, motives, and scenes

Weeks Three and Four include games to strengthen writing and acting skills, developing the plot and characters, thereby enabling students to think on their feet as they learn new skills with every game and activity

The final two weeks focus on rehearsal and performance

Rewarding and a lot of fun, this is a must-have title

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