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Staging a Revolution - New Plays From Eastern Europe

Belarus Free Theatre Price: $24.95

The International Contest of Contemporary Drama (ICCD) was set up by Belarus Free Theatre to encourage new writing and to promote Belarusian cultural identity on an international stage with the participation of artists across Europe

The Contest was held underground in Belarus (hidden from the authorities) and simultaneously in London

This meant that Belarusian playwrights, isolated in their own country because of state censorship and banned from performing, were recognized internationally and had the opportunity to show their work free from state oppression

This publication is dedicated to promoting the works of the winning playwrights and includes the following six plays ...

Herman, Franz and Gregor ~ Julia Tupikina

Diprosopus - A Story in Two Faces ~ Lyudmila Zaytseva

Onyx ~ Maxim Dosko

Same Thing ~ Olga Prusak

The Time Wardrobe or The New Adventures of D’Artagnan ~ Yuri Leonidovich Harin

The Women and the Sniper ~ Tatiana Kitsenko

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