Stage Lighting - The Technicians Guide

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Published by Methuen

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"An On-the-job Reference Tool with Online Video Resources"

This practical guide covers all aspects of stage lighting equipment, special effects, lighting a performance space and lighting design

It's well illustrated with examples of equipment, diagrams, plans and technical data

It also features the work of current lighting designers

The associated video content shows the practical use of equipment and different lighting techniques and effects

It provides easy access to the content through the use of tabulated sections and keyword headings

The information in each chapter is presented at three levels which run visually throughout the guide enabling students to mix and match their own personal level of study or for practitioners to fast track through to the information they need on stage

This new and revised Second Edition brings the guide right up to date, and includes all new material on the development of LED lighting in recent years

It also includes online video resources


Lanterns, Dimmers & Control

1. From lantern to control
2. Lanterns
3. Working with lanterns
4. Dimmers
5. Lighting control
6. DMX Fixtures
7. Health & Safety
8. Jargon busting!

Lighting a Performance Space

1. Angles of illumination
2. Lighting the stage
3. Other angles of lighting
4. Working with lanterns
5. Jargon busting!

Colour, Gobos & Effects

1. A touch of colour
2. Using colour filters
3. Gobos
4. Moving effects
5. Slide projection
6. Special effects - fog, strobe & black lighting
7. Pyrotechnics
8. Jargon busting!

Lighting Design

1. Language of lighting
2. Lighting a scene
3. Automated fixtures
4. Preparation
5. Designing the show
6. Rigging, Angling & Focusing
7. Lighting the show
8. Rehearsals & running the show


"Impressive, on-the-job reference tool ... Its user friendly, well-illustrated and tabulated formats gives it the potential to be a strong source of practical information for arts students of all levels ★★★★★ ~ Teaching Drama

"This has to be one of the most comprehensive books on the subject of stage lighting that I have ever seen. It's written for post 16 students who are studying stage lighting as well as entrants to higher education specialist courses, but it is also invaluable to the amateur theatre market ... This is an absolute must for every amateur theatre group that lights their own productions" ~ Amdram

"I am sure it will become standard reading in theatre schools" ~ Michael Goldberg, Sales & Marketing Director, Phillips Entertainment

"Well presented both in content and technical quality of the material" ~ Sightline: Journal of Association of British Theatre Technicians

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