Stage Directions & Spared


Israel Horovitz

Published by Dramatists Play Service

3 Male 3 Female

Stage Directions ~ A man and two women (brother and sister?) meet after attending a funeral (their father's?), a time when so much needs to be articulated and understood. And yet, somehow, they cannot bridge the gulf of self-consciousness which separates them, and can only speak at each other, and via the stage directions which are normally meant to be unheard by the audience

The effect is oblique speech, as though they were present and yet not present, but what is unspoken becomes eloquently clear - and, in the end, reveals the deeper truths that direct statement could only hint at

One of the four plays comprising The Quannapowitt Quartet

Highly original and inventive, this touching yet funny play examines the desperate helplessness which happens when needed communication cannot be voiced

Spared ~ Viewed as if suspended in time and space, a man recounts the jumble of events and people which are his life. Good, bad, success, failure, happiness, unhappiness - all merge into a revealing mosaic as his tale continues, punctuated by taped voices and screams which underscore the irony of his existence

He has had so much, and yet so little; has seen and done so many things, and yet the emptiness consumes all. Repeatedly he has tried to end his life, only to be spared by some turn of fate

In the end we perceive that his life is all life - the human condition made real through the random pattern of living which is our lot in a world we never made

One of the four plays comprising The Quannapowitt Quartet

A brilliant acting tour de force, which premiered in Paris to great critical and popular acclaim, and was subsequently presented at Brandeis University

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