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Spreading Murder and Happiness

4 Male, 2 Female

Frank Swacker from Darla J. Blaha Price: $7.99

Sgt. Detective Fred Owens and his sidekick, Detective Charles “Hawk” Peterson are charged with finding a serial killer obsessed with envy

The killer is unhappy with his own failures and to satisfy his envy, murder befalls those who find happiness from their endeavors

Two major clues, the cryptic notes left with each of the victims and the unique weapon, keep both detectives puzzled

Their Precinct Captain of Detectives, JANET King, adds the help of Elliot Brown, a police psychologist, to engage in a series of brainstorming sessions, in an attempt to unravel the killer’s pattern and identity

Among the victims are those who found happiness in travel, eating, collecting and practice of their respective professions

Then an intruder admits to being the killer and asks for psychiatric asylum

Based on the book, Murder & Happiness by Darla J. Blaha, prize-winning author of "The La Grange Chicken Ranch Revisited" from which the Broadway play and movie, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas were based


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