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2 Male, 2 Female

Alan Browne Price: $15.95

A delightfully spooky romantic comedy ...

Unmarried cousins Eleanor and Lolly have inherited from their recently deceased aunt an historical house on the windswept Massachusetts coast

Only thing is, the place is haunted by the handsome young ghost of a swashbuckling 19th Century smuggler who was hanged for his crimes

The local minister, Mr Butts, finds it all gloriously romantic

Eleanor, a worldly woman, is skeptical of the ghost's existence

But spinsterish Lolly claims he visits her at night ...

... and says they've fallen in love!

Has Lolly, Eleanor wonders, lost her mind?

And if she hasn't - how could the ghost possibly prefer Lolly to her?

As the ghost continues his visitations, his reasons for the haunting are gradually revealed

And not only Lolly but even Eleanor and Mr Butts begin to fall under his spell

The surprising consequences of which might just land all three of them in jail

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