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Splash Hatch on the E Going Down

2 Male, 3 Female

Kia Corthron Price: $9.99

Thyme is fifteen, an A student and three months' pregnant. Erry is eighteen, the opposite of book smart and lives with his wife, Thyme, in the bedroom of her parents' Harlem apartment

Shaneequa is fifteen, Thyme's best friend, mother of an infant and has picked up the habit during her current pregnancy of eating dirt. Erry gets a job in construction, but his health slowly begins to deteriorate; occupational lead inhalation

Besides Thyme's obsessions with all the mechanics of the maturing fetus inside her and with the option of delivering in water, she has recently become fascinated with urban politics of the environment: why communities of color are consistently housed in the most hazardous areas

She is a data-gathering machine yet remains strangely oblivious to Erry's mounting illness her research fixation suddenly, devastatingly brought home

"Corthron writes in a style and with a rhythm a poetry that is both original and honest. We hear urban voices, and they are not stereotypes. Her characters possess a vital and intelligent sense of humor " ~ CurtainUp

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