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Soyinka Plays 1 - The Trials of Brother Jero & Jero’s Metamorphosis & Death and the King’s Horseman

Wole Soyinka Price: $27.95

Death and the King's Horseman - 'A transfixing work of modern world drama'- Independent

Madmen and Specialists 'A luminous play, examining the way in which war exposes and clarifies human conduct' - Observer

Opera Wonyosi, adapted from Gay's The Beggar's Opera - 'Swaggering and scabrous, at once a verbal spree and a fierce assault on totalitarianism' ~ Observer

The volume also contains The Trials of Brother Jero and Jero's Metamorphosis, classic comedies of modern Nigerian life based on the hilarious and manipulative transformations of a preacher, and Camwood on the Leaves, a haunting radio play, which evokes a divided community

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