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Song from Far Away

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Simon Stephens from Mark Eitzel Price: $14.95

"I drank three glasses of scotch and ginger ale before we'd even cleared Coney Island. I didn't want to come home. It was then that I decided to write you these letters"

On a crisp winter day in New York, Willem gets the call

It's Mum

Pauli's died

Come back to Amsterdam

An unforgettable homecoming to an estranged family, a lost love, unsettling sex and an unexamined life

This haunting monologue is one of Stephens's most poetic plays


“An unexpected return to naturalism for Simon Stephens in this frail, gorgeous monologue” ~ Time Out

" ... one of the saddest plays I have ever seen ... offset by mournfully funny moments" ~ Observer

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