Something In The Basement and Other Plays

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Don Nigro

Published by Samuel French Inc

1 Male 2 Female

The 5 Short Plays are ...

Something in the Basement - M1,F1

A young couple moves into an old house where they are troubled by the wife's reluctance to allow the husband to touch her and by her growing insistence that there is something making bizarre noises in the basement. Their fear turns into an obsessive struggle and a strange erotic triangle, the third member of which lurks in the darkness beneath them. An unusual play, funny and terrifying, about women and men and things that go bump in the night

Scarecrow - M1,F2

A lonely girl lives with her eccentric mother in an old farmhouse on the edge of a cornfield. She meets a strange man under a tree by the creek and is led into a web of lust and betrayal. Scarecrows are supposed to frighten crows, but the scarecrow in this cornfield is something more

Lurker - M1,F1

A man catches a glimpse of a girl undressing in her bedroom window and becomes obsessed with her. He lurks in her bushes and spies on her as she sunbathes in her garden. One night he finds an unlocked window in her house. Unfolding simultaneously from the points of view of both characters, this tale of obsession and terror was produced in New York by Manhattan Class Company

The Devil - M1,F2

An old woman is hired to sit with a peasant's dying mother, agreeing to take a lump sum and stay as long as the mother lives. Perversely, the mother refuses to die until the old woman, losing money by the minute, employs a strategy to ease her along to heaven. Suggested by Guy de Maupassant's dark and funny story, this parable about greed introduces the Devil in its own strange way

Bible - M1,F2

A park bench. In this Victorian primer gone berserk, Papa is a Christian censor. Mama has taken Annabel and Harry to the park to read them edifying passages from the Bible. The Old Testament story of lust, incest and murder she stumbles on is not what Mama had in mind, but it holds them all spellbound. This play will infuriate people like Papa, but its madness and witty irreverence reveals the unexpected beauty buried in a complex book that hypocrites who would control what we read are too blind to see

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