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Some Men

9 Male, 0 Female

Terrence McNally Price: $9.99

Often funny and sometimes touching, Some Men looks at same-sex life and love against a background of some of the events that shaped the last century

“Terrence McNally’s play is a superb theatrical experience - an evocative, funny, poignant and wise tour through gay life over the last eighty years or so. Two classes of people would benefit from seeing it: gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered people interested in learning in a very entertaining way what life has been like for us in recent times; and heterosexual people who’d like to learn the same thing. I have no hesitation in saying how much pleasure I derived in spending time with Some Men on my birthday in New York” ~ US Senator Barney Frank

"A breezy series of sketches ... droll observations on the difficulties of translating the classic gay sensibility" ~ NY Times

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