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+ So You Want To Act On Screen?

Michael Bray Price: $14.95

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An essential handbook for anyone who wants to act on television and film by a leading teacher of screen acting

For any aspiring screen actor, the challenge is to combine all the components of your craft with an ability to handle the technical demands of acting for the camera within the often bewildering environment of a film set

Michael Bray takes you step by step through all the challenges you'll face, demystifying the processes you'll encounter, and helping you develop the necessary skills, including:

How to approach the script and prepare your character
How to maintain your concentration and learn to relax on set
How to deliver your lines and improve your vocal range
How to master continuity, eye lines, and hitting your marks
How to tackle auditions to ensure your best chance

Full of invaluable advice, extracts from screenplays, and numerous illustrations

And also practical exercises which can be undertaken on your own, using the camera on your phone

So You Want To Act On Screen? is an accessible and authoritative guide to developing a successful career as a screen actor

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