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Sixteen in 10 Minutes or Less

3 Male, 4 Female

Bradley Hayward Price: $14.99

The lives of seven Sixteen-year-olds become intertwined in this humorous and oftentimes bitter-sweet collection of Ten Minute plays

From extracting a gummy bear out of a new set of braces to coping with bullies, these characters share their innermost hopes and fears with each other

Ten minutes at a time

As the audience drops in on these intimate moments, they will come to understand that being Sixteen isn't always sweet

The 10 Ten-Minute Plays are ...

Bench Warrant - F4

Three teenage girls have claimed a bench as their very own and routinely chase away all the "losers" who come near it

Brace Yourself - M1,F1

A teenage brother and sister squabble as they try to extract a gummy bear that has lodged itself in a set of braces

Double Click M1,F1

Young love blossoms when two teenagers flip open their laptops and start chatting

Fireworks - M1,F1

A couple of teenagers in love look up at the night sky and wait for colorful explosions to dance among the stars

Friend Request - M3,F4

Thanks to a series of ill-fated friend requests, a doctored photo of a student spreads like wildfire among a group of teenagers

Lazy Eye - 2 M/F

Two eyeballs get bent out of shape while defending their half of a teenager's brain

Pay Phone - M2,F1 + 1 Either

When a teenager loses his cell phone, he has no choice but to use a pay phone. Things quickly take a turn for the worse when a mysterious operator starts telling him what to do

Status Update: A Symphony - M3,F4

Seven teenagers express their hopes and fears online in a rousing symphony of status updates

Tumblefur - F1

A sweet teenage girl takes her dog for a walk in the park and discovers that there is something exciting around every corner

Wheels - M2

A teenage boy tries to repair a beat-up old truck so that he can get away from his parents and their broken down marriage

These 10 short Plays were conceived as a full length evening of entertainment, but each stands perfectly well on its own without any prior knowledge of the characters and they can be licensed together or separately

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