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Six One-act Plays - Pedaling to Paradise & Next & Civil Unionized & Roadkill & Pink Gin for the Blues & Indifference

Edward Crosby Wells Price: $9.95

Pedaling to Paradise - 2W, No Set, 10 Minutes

Sally and Teddy have reached a point in their lives where their insecurities and lessening sense of worth have begun to affect their good judgment. They pedal and pedal on their exercise bikes and get nowhere while trying to “get fit.”

It’s all about cosmetics and getting your man in order to feel complete, or is it? Is “getting fit” worth it? Are men all that necessary? Is Paradise all it’s cracked up to be? What exactly is "fit?"

Pedal, girls, pedal!

Next - 4 Actors (men and/or women), Minimal Set, 15 Minutes

An existential exercise about four characters in a waiting room unaware of what it is they are waiting for

Civil Unionized - A Short Skit - 2M/1W, No Set, A Post Office Window, 10 minutes

This takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the debate over gay marriage and civil unions

Roadkill - 1M/1F, Bare Stage, 10 Minutes

We meet Mary and Joey, a young homeless couple waiting by the side of the road for Joey’s ride to his first day on his new job. In the shopping cart along with all their belongings, is their infant son

Optimism abounds next to the roadkill they find along the side of the road

Pink Gin for the Blues - 1M, Minimal Set, 30 Minutes

A monologue for a mature drag queen. Trick, a sadder but wiser drag queen, in her cups, sits at a bar where she pours her heart out about lost love and lost innocence

Indifference - 1M/1W, No Set, 20 Minutes

All is metaphor in this brief, moving slice-of-life drama ...

She’s working on her memoirs. Her memory is not what it used to be. He’s turned his back on field-work and writing to teach anthopology at the local community college. Together they have shared thirty years of marriage. It is the last day of summer and he tries to coax her into a walk in the woods

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