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Six Greek Comedies - Birds & Frogs & Women in Power & The Woman from Samos & Cyclops & Alkestis

Aristophanes & Menander & Euripides Price: $27.95

The comedies of the Athenian theatre not only lie at the root of Western drama, they also offer a unique insight into everyday life in ancient Greece

This selection of six wide ranging plays includes the comic fantasies of Aristophanes, which combine the ridiculous with serious satirical comment - Birds & Frogs & Women in Power - Menander's The Woman from Samos, a recognisable forebear of today's situation comedy; Euripides ribald satyr play Cyclops, the only surviving example of the genre, and his Alkestis, a complex romance which gave a new face to comedy

The volume is edited and introduced by J. Michael Walton, Professor of Drama at the University of Hull and founder/director of the Performance Translation Centre there

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