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Sisters Brothers & The Oginski Polonaise

3 Male, 3 Female

Stig Larson & Nikolai Kolyada trans Frank Gabriel… Price: $8.50

A great-value double-bill from Sweden and Russia by two internationally acclaimed writers ...

Sisters, Brothers ~ Stig Larsson - M2 F3

Three sisters arrange a rare evening together

But the intervention of their respective boyfriends produces a night of increasing sexual tension, cruelty and, ultimately, revelation

Stig Larsson's instinct for psychological and emotional violence has been compared with Strindberg and Ingmar Bergman

The Oginski Polonaise ~ Nikolai Kolyada - M3 F3

Tanya returns to Russia after eight years in New York

Her former servants await her return to Moscow with terror as they expect to be evicted

But when the "Americanized" Tanya does arrive she is dressed as a ballerina

And in flight from the KGB ...

Playing on A Streetcar Named Desire, Kolyada skilfully blends comedy and pathos to produce a bleak but human vision of post-perestroika Russia

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