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SingSing - Vocal Workouts - Cool Grooves - INTERMEDIATE

Karen Lane & Michael Reynolds Price: $24.95

Intermediate CD - Imagine being able to sing a wider range of notes, with more resonance in your voice, accurately, and with agility - whatever your level... now you can with SingSing!"

This Intermediate CD offers vocal workouts and singing exercises for all contemporary singers

Have fun while you learn to sing and develop your voice to these exercises set to Funk, Latin, Reggae and Swing Beats

The CD covers ...

  • Breathing (rib reserve) - explores a more advanced breathing technique

  • Long Vowels - improving control of steady airflow and resonance

  • Dominant Scale - works on pitching accuracy and an awareness of the flattened 7th

  • Onsets - practising note onset (breathy, simultaneous, and glottal)

  • Major 7 vs Dominant 7 - flexibility and accuracy, comparing Major vs Dominant arpeggios

  • Dominant 9 Scale/Arpeggio - a swing feel developing aural awareness of guide tones in the chord

  • Minor 7 Arpeggios - moving in the cycle 4ths, shifting quickly across registers devleops flexibility

  • Arpeggios over a ll V l - develops pitching accuracy and awareness of II V I chord progression

  • Descending Intervals - agility and pitch control singing changing intervals

  • Inverted Arpeggios - further flexibility and exploring accuracy singing intervals

  • Fast 5 Note Scale - accuracy at speed, first with consonants + vowels, then with vowels

  • Arpeggio over Major and Dominant Chord- develops improved bridging between vocal registers

  • Octave Jumps and Minor Pentatonic - pitching a large interval, followed by a common lick

  • Chromatics - accurate pitching of semitones at a fast tempo

    Click and listen to a Sample ...

    Descending Intervals
    Minor 7 Arpeggios/cycle of 4ths
    Major 9 Arpeggio & Scale
    Octave Jumps

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