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Singing in Musical Theater - The Training of Singers and Actors

Joan Melton Price: $19.95

What does it take to be a musical theatre performer?

What kind of training is required to do eight shows a week acting, dancing, and singing in a wide variety of vocal styles?

This insider's look into the unique demands of musical theatre performance establishes connecting links between voice training for the singer and drama school training for the actor

By reading these revealing interviews, performers in every area of theatre can ...

  • Discover what it takes to go from a first lesson to a solid professional technique

  • Consider the requirements for singers in musical theatre today, how they have changed, and where they are going

  • See how different teachers approach six aspects of voice training: alignment, breathing, range resonance, articulation, and connection

  • Understand the interconnectedness of musical theatre and theatre voice

    A must-read for anyone who is serious about voice and the theatre

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